Metis Intro

Introducing Metis

Metis is a new product built by NodeDistrict, focused on creating and automating crypto products and services. We are building novel financial products to help users achieve a superior risk-return profile from what they could have achieved on their own.

Many have asked what Metis means and why we have chosen this name as our product brand.

As Greek-Cypriots, we wanted to honor our heritage with a name that relates to our ancient Greek history. ​​Metis is one of the female Greek Titans. Metis means “craft”, “skill”, or “wisdom.” She is also considered to be the goddess of prudence, deep thought, and higher wisdom. As the wisest being of all creation, Metis is aligned with our vision of developing a fully autonomous system that uses her wisdom and craftsmanship.

We are focusing on building products to tackle three broad categories of opportunities:

1. Accumulation

Personalized products that let users acquire Bitcoin, Ether and Stablecoins over time, through automated strategies and consequently give the option to invest into yield accumulation strategies.

2. Fixed Income

Products with a fixed interest for crypto assets. These fixed-income products are called HODL accounts and are constructed through peer-to-peer lending with rigorously vetted financial institutions and proprietary trading desks that are willing to pay premium rates to have access to more capital.

3. Yield Enhancement

Active and passive products that let users earn high returns by investing in vetted trading strategies built by professionals.

We envision that a large group of investors in crypto and those who are new to crypto would want to deploy their capital in at least one of these buckets, to complement their existing positions or to generate yield on their newly acquired holdings.

Our goal is not only to bring these financial instruments to the masses, but also to build a world- class platform that is automated and provides personalized financial products only seen in a few of the leading hedge funds.

We want to help grow the market for retail and institutional investors.

Looking forward

Post launch of our open beta, we have three big tasks in the pipeline:

  1. Continual vetting and integration with more institutions to expand the HODL accounts by making them more flexible, accessible and to get the best fixed rates for our users. If you are an institution and want to join our growing network, send us a quick request email.

  2. Continual integrations with other trading strategies to provide the best for our users that will enable them to create a more diverse portfolio with more complex products. If you are an experienced trading institution and want to join our growing network, send us a quick request email.

  3. Developing the next product, a personalized accumulation algorithm that guides retail and institutional investors how to accumulate their crypto assets based on spending power. We are still early, so feel free to follow us on Bitclout, Twitter or Telegram to learn more. If you would like to contribute ideas, DM us.

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